What People Are Saying About Us...

I took Laura's class to discover my destiny, but what I found was myself! 


Mrs. Angotti's class was encouraging to me at a time when I was battling many trials. Through the class I learned how to use my specific personality traits to encourage others. This is one of the many reasons why I am currently seeking to get my degree to become a family counselor!


Laura has helped me through my greatest struggle...BELIEVING in myself. She asked me the questions I was afraid to ask myself and really listened to my answers. Then she used my answers to help me see what I really wanted for my life and helped me take the necessary steps toward those goals. With Laura as my life coach, I've been able to reach several personal goals that I had previously given up on. 

-- Tristen, Iowa

Working with Laura was truly life changing! I learned so much about myself and my unique gifts. I learned how to value myself and then value others instead of being intimidated by their gifts. I now feel empowered to enjoy others uniqueness and share mine. She helped me work through so many lies I believed about myself and the world and now my perspective on life is so much clearer. She gave me the tools I needed to pursue my dreams and take steps to change my career path accordingly. Laura is naturally inspiring and empowering to all of those she speaks with! I am so thankful I had the chance to work with her!

-- Kristen, Indiana  

All my life I have struggled with "fitting in." I lived out of guilt and fear trying to please everyone else so they would like me. When I met Laura I was broken and had nothing left to give. On my journey she gave me hope and showed me that the one person I should be taking care of is myself. Now I am living out of faith rather than fear and into faith where dreams come true and happiness has no limit. God didn't create us to fit in. He created us to stand out and shine!

--Nicole, Colorado

Laura was a God-send, and I always looked forward to the time we spent together. She helped me clarify and set goals based on my Christian values through practical exercises and reading material. I have learned to embrace and take care of the person I was created to be. I am closer to fulfilling a life of purpose as a result of coaching with Laura.


Parent Testimonials...

Open Doors has been an invaluable tool for growth and discussion for my daughters.  It has reinforced a few things and taught much more that has helped them.  To begin to recognize, love and respect the differences in others and themselves.


I would recommend this class because it really improves communication and helps parents understand their teenagers personality.


My daughter is more aware of what she wants to focus on and it has helped her to understand and appreciate the differences in other people.