The Real ME

·      Why do I act the way I do?

·      Why do I react differently than my friends?

·      What am I good at?

The answers to these questions are in this workbook.  Knowing your personality type is key to understanding and managing yourself.  The information in this workbook will help you know more about The Real ME.

You will learn how you are wired, why you act the way you do and what you are good at doing.  You are unique and original.  Find out how and why from the teaching tools in this workbook.  Use it as a guide to gain greater self-awareness and confidence.

“The feedback from our students and teachers has been very positive with the People Skills Series curriculum.  It has been incorporated into teachers’ decisions on groups and classroom arrangements.” 

 Will Beinkemper 

Administrator Oak Hills School District

 “Self-awareness, self-reflection and understanding of one’s personality is essential to fully engage and communicate with people.  This book allows students to critically understand their personality and build upon their professional behaviors.”

Stacia Galey, OTD, OTR/L 

Academic, Fieldwork Coordinator & Teaching Professor, Xavier University


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Laura E. Angotti is a Certified Personality trainer with People Skills Series International.  A life coach with Discovering U and motivational speaker.  Her passion is working with teens and young adults.  She brings a message of increasing self-confidence, unlocking potential and intentionality about accomplishing goals. 

She provides insights and understanding of self through personality types. Her clients are public and private schools which include Xavier University, Illini Central School District and Oak Hills School District.